Energy Consumption per Capita by State

2000 Development Report Card for the States

Energy consumption per capita is calculated as the sum of all energy consumed in each state in a given year divided by the population. Consumption of all forms of energy is presented in British Thermal Units (BTUs) to produce a common unit of measure. Energy consumption per capita reflects personal access to and use of energy services such as heat, light, and mobility. Energy consumption is important from an environmental standpoint since the combustion of fossil fuels, which account for nearly 85% of current U.S. energy supply, results in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition, a more energy efficient economy is a more sustainable economy.

Measure: Per capita energy consumption (in million BTUs), 1997.
Source: U.S. Department of Energy. Energy Information Administration. Combined State Energy Data System.
Washington, D.C.: September 1999.

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2000 Development Report Card for the States

Sources: Entire Report [3 Mb] See Table 10. Also Summaries [118 kb] contains Table 10 (on page 18 if printed, pg 12 of pdf). Also, for the reader's convenience, this summary is archived on this website at /us/eia/StateSummaries1997.pdf [118 kb].

Change in Energy Consumption by state

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