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 School: Oil Crisis News from Around the World • Quest 01: Oil Crisis News
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 Task 01: Submit your articles here • Due Date: 3/20/2000
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 Reports posted for this Task:
 Welcome to iNet News by iNet News Manager
 Gas-Out or Out of Gas? by iNet News Manager
 About the OPEC Meeting - Articles from Portugal by Jorge N.
 Misleading USGS Report by Colin Campbell
 Oil Price and Depletion by iNet News Manager
 Announcing - A systemic perspective on oil by eric anderson
 A Review of Walter Youngquist’s GeoDestinies by Eric Thurston
 IEA: What the World Needs Now: More Product by iNet News Manager
 What to do about rising energy prices by Ron Swenson
 Colorado may be repeating California electrical disaster by iNet News Manager
 USA's Triple Energy Whammy in Electric Power, Natural Gas & Oil by iNet News Manager
 Utility Mania by Karen S.
 The Energy Equation : Understanding Our Thinking— it really matters by John P.
 Genosuicide by Brian R.
 You are all mad! by Adam C.
 California Officials Brace For Potential Gasoline Shortages, Price Hikes by William Kelly
 BHP hit as Bass Strait oil shrinks by Earl M.
 Nigeria and Kuwait cut oil production by Johan V.
 A Crude Blow - Prescient Forecast by Independent Strategy by Earl M.
 Experts to Assess World Oil Supply Limits by iNet News Manager
 Predictions for the end of the world by Jarno M.
 Decline in global oil production and rising energy demand calls for international energy policy by Ron Swenson
 New Oil Projects Cannot Meet World Needs This Decade by iNet News Manager

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