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Building A Sustainable World: Life in the Balance Announcing an international competition for architects and non architects to engage positive action, discussion, education and development for solutions to the global warming crisis. by December 31, 2006 USA The Royal Institute of British Architects-USA
Solar 2006: “RENEWABLE ENERGY – KEY TO CLIMATE RECOVERY” Climate change and increasing instability of energy supplies are in the news more and more. In an effort to showcase Renewable Energy as the key to both Climate Recovery and Energy Independence, the American Solar Energy Society will hold its “SOLAR 2006” Conference ( 2006 July 8-13 Adams Mark Hotel in Downtown Denver, Colorado ( American Solar Energy Society,
Peak Oil Workshop for Community Leaders
An intensive training for 20-25 prospective peak oil community leaders which will provide the tools, strategies, resources and practical experiences to educate your community on peak oil and work with them to implement local solutions. Friday, December 2 – Sunday, December 4, 2005 Center for Sustainable Community (Stelle, Illinois) The Community Solution
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Beyond Oil: Intelligent Response to Peak Oil Impacts
A Dialog with the Experts
A high-level conference to discuss the impacts of a peak in world oil production will be held in Denver, Colorado on November 10-11, 2005. The two-day forum is sponsored by the City and County of Denver and ASPO-USA. Keynote speakers include Matt Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert, a study of Saudi Arabia’s petroleum resources, and Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, (R-Md.). Other speakers will include Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper; Michael Ashar, Suncor-USA; Peter Dea, Western Gas Resources; Jeremy Gilbert, Chief Petroleum Engineer (ret.) with British Petroleum; oil industry analyst Henry Groppe; and Tom Petrie of Petrie/Parkman. 2005 November 11 & 12 1770 Sherman Street Events Complex
Denver, Colorado
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Global Oil Depletion and Implications for the Pacific Northwest This conference is designed for decision-makers from business, government, science and communities in the Pacific Northwest. Internationally known speakers will present the political, social and economic issues related to peak oil production, followed by discussions led by regional experts on actions steps required, including sustainable conservation measures and developing efficient and commercially viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Matt Simmons, Roger Bezdek, Herman Fransseen, and Robert Wendling, with an opening address by the Governor of Washington State and more elected officials. Be part of the decision makers changing what the Pacific Northwest is doing to address Global Oil Depletion.

2005 October 3-5 Spokane and Seattle Joy Thompson
Conference Coordinator
WSU Conferences & Professional Programs
The Second U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions Peak oil -- the point when world oil production reaches its maximum and begins to decline -- is an event which is likely to occur this decade. As global demand exceeds supply, oil will become increasingly scarce and expensive.

The end of cheap abundant oil represents an unprecedented challenge for humanity. It heralds the end of many things to which we have become accustomed; the ever growing economy, transportation as we know it, cheap food and goods from around the globe. Many react to these coming changes with fear and dread. But we envision a more cooperative, just and equitable world of small local communities. This conference will explore

  • The implications of Peak Oil.
  • An in-depth look at changes in agriculture.
  • The characteristics of a new economy.
  • Peak Oil's effect on our financial system.
  • Alternatives to oil and our high energy way of life.
  • The communities of the future.
  • Ways to transition and answers to "What should I do now?"
2005 September 23-25 Yellow Springs, Ohio The Community Solution
IV International Workshop on Oil and Gas Depletion Thirty-six experts from 17 countries will take part in a two-day international workshop on oil and gas depletion.

Amid mounting concerns about rising oil prices and the ability to expand production capacity to meet rampant demand, the speakers will assess the prospects for future oil and gas supplies. They will also address the economic, political and social impacts of global depletion.

Two Board members of The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC) will be among the speakers: Colin Campbell on The End of the First Half of the Oil Age, and Chris Skrebowski on The Emerging Reality of Oil and Gas Depletion – Where Reality Meets Theory.

More than 300 people representing a wide range of interests are expected to attend the workshop. They include oil and energy industry leaders, investment analysts, consultants and government officials.

The full programme is available at:

2005 May 19-20 The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon The Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO)
Peak Oil UK: Entering the Age of Oil Depletion
will bring together six leading experts to discuss the problem from various perspectives -- economic, social, technical and political.
As mounting evidence suggests that the era of cheap, abundant oil is rapidly coming to an end, many experts are now forecasting that global production could reach its all-time peak before the end of this decade, or soon after. The clear implication is that ever-diminishing supplies will lead to rising prices -- not only for oil itself, but for everything that depends on it. 'Peak Oil' will therefore be a critical turning point for the modern world, challenging our economic and social systems as never before.

Former UK Energy Minister Brian Wilson MP will head the programme. The other speakers will be Colin Campbell, chairman of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO); Chris Skrebowski, editor of the UK Energy Institute's magazine, 'Petroleum Review'; Matthew Simmons, chairman of major US energy investment firm, Simmons & Company International; David Spaven, chair of TRANSform Scotland, the campaign for sustainable transport; and Jeremy Leggett, chief executive of the UK's leading solar energy company.

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers during a roundtable session in the afternoon, moderated by Mark Stephen from BBC Radio.

2005 April 25th, Monday Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh Depletion Scotland, an Edinburgh-based awareness-raising group, with support from ODAC. The full conference proceedings are available on the ODAC website.
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First U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions The conference was attended by over 200 people from across the United States. All presentations and speeches given at the conference can be viewed on the web site. 2004 November 12-14 Yellow Springs, Ohio The Community Solution is a program of Community Service, Inc. Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated.
Global Peak Oil Gathering: Gathering And Think-Tank Are we actually running out of oil (and gas) or not? And if so when? Will the reserves collapse or will new finds take care of the future? Will production keep up with demand? And if not, what then? A Gathering of Intelligence, Facts and Visions. For full details & registration October 19-21, 2004 Koblenz-Lahnstein, Germany Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections
Professor Albert A. Bartlett Book/DVD signing: The Essential Exponential! For the Future of Our Planet 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Friday, October 8, 2004 The Bookworm Bookstore, 8702 Pacific Street, Omaha UNL Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education, The Bookworm and the Nebraska Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, 402/472-8965
Lecture: “Arithmetic, Population and Energy- Sustainability 101” 10 am, Saturday, October 9, 2004 Lecture Hall Theatre, Westside High School, 8701 Pacific Street, Omaha
ASPO 2004 3rd International Workshop On Oil & Gas Depletion 2004 May 25-26 Berlin Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas
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