Reserves Claims Reference List

Here is a list of references for the table:

'Selected Reported Reserves (Gb) with Suspect Increases'

The origins of official reserve data are as follows: the 'Oil & Gas Journal' and 'World Oil' send out questionnaires to responsible government bodies and these are compiled for their annual reports. BP also publishes Oil & Gas Journal data.

Roger J.V., 1994,
Use and Implementation of SPE and WPC petroleum reserve definitions;
Wld. Petrol. Congr., Stavanger [#228]
- On 20 Gb heavy oil reserves in Venezuela, and their impact -

Barkeshli F., 1996,
Oil prospects in the Middle East and the future of the oil market;
Oxford Energy Forum, 26 August 1996 10-11 [#483-1, #493]
- Iranian official explains "OPEC quota wars" and exaggerating reserves -

Los Angeles Times, 1991,
Mexico lied about proven oil reserves, report says,
Tueday December 10th 1991, Business Section, Wire Service Story (from Reuters)
- Covers report by disaffected Pemex executive -
'Mexico, one of the world's leading oil exporters, will have to import large amounts of crude within 10 years, according to a report that says the government has lied about the country's proven reserves ...'
The full article is available from the LA Times Web Site.
Enter the words Mexico lied in the search box, and set the date of the search to 1991. Please note that the LA Times is charging $1.50 per article.

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