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Hydrocarbons and the evolution of human culture by Charles Hall, Pradeep Tharakan, John Hallock, Cutler Cleveland and Michael Jefferson in Nature [November 20]

"About 100 years ago, the major source of energy shifted from recent solar to fossil hydrocarbons.... Technology has generally led to a greater use of hydrocarbon fuels ... making civilization vulnerable to decreases in supply. At this time our knowledge is not sufficient for us to choose between the different estimates of ... resources of conventional oil."

The Heart of the Matter, by Colin Campbell, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. [October]

In Sweden, the Uppsala Protocol has been offered as an alternative to the Kyoto Protocol, resulting in controversy as reported in the New Scientist. [October 5]

We have been seeing some new developments in California politics. One candidate in the recall has a unique perspective in light of the coming global oil crisis. [September 22]

Duke Energy President Speaks at North American Energy & Power Conference [September 16]

Price Signals and Global Energy Transition, Andrew McKillop, draft article for STEM forecasting division, Swedish Energy Agency [September]

Why We Need $60/barrel oil. Energy transition, as well an ensuring oil and gas supplies in the short-term, both require much higher and more stable oil and energy prices, by Andrew McKillop, published by Arab Petroleum Research Center [August 16]

Lights Out On Deregulation, Dennis Kucinich [August]

Oil and Natural Gas Resource Assessment: Production Growth Cycle Models, Jean Laherrere, Encyclopedia of Energy [July]

Comments by Jean Laherrere on the article by Paul Holberg & Richard Hirsch: "Can we identify limits to worldwide energy resources?", OGJ [June 30]

Modelling future oil production, population and the economy, ASPO Workshop in Paris [May]

Finally, some hard facts about Iraqi oil reserves [February 26]

Spot oil, gasoline and natural gas prices provided by WTRG Economics [regularly updated]

War 'would mean biggest oil shock ever' "Low global oil stocks and reduced exports from strike-torn Venezuela have boosted prices by more than 30 per cent since late November. The Venezuelan 'outage' has cost 125 million barrels of production, already the fifth biggest supply shock in history, 'which almost entirely explains the current high level of prices'. If the strike continues for two months and an Iraq war lasts a similar time, the cumulative outage will be 600 million barrels, far more than the 400 million taken off the market in the Arab-Israeli war. Faisal Islam, economics correspondent, The Observer [February 2]

M. King Hubbert and His Heirs: A Hubbert Peak Half-Bibliography is a substantial bibliography of documents by Hubbert and his adherents, by Chris Kuykendall, Austin, Texas [January]

US oil stocks evaporate to 27-year low by Heather Stewart, The Guardian [January 16]

Hydrocarbons Resources: Forecast of oil and gas supply to 2050 by Jean Laherrère at Petrotech 2003 in New Delhi [January 9]

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